How to Sleep with a Girl on the First Sex Date?

Sometimes, you want to get some action in the sheets, but you choose to go through the motions.

However, it’s not impossible to sleep with a girl on the first date if you play your cards right.

First, you must break the touch barrier with a smooth motion. You need to engage her in an exciting conversation and get in her personal space as you do. Don’t be rude about it by trying to grab a boob or something, but you can touch her hand or shoulder, for example, as both of you laugh. The point is to get her comfortable where your touch is concerned.

Next, you must get her to think that this is something that she wants. While she may want to sleep with you too, if you’re the only one that wants it, it’s not going to happen. You don’t need to control everything, so let her take control of the conversation at times, as you steer it where you want it.

Never appear too unsure of yourself. If there is one thing that turns off a girl, it’s a man with no sense of confidence. Bad boys don’t necessarily get with women because they are bad; however, they tend to have a heightened sense of confidence compared to the average man. As the date is coming to an end, you can sneakily insinuate that she either comes back to your place, are you can go to hers.

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