Is Anal Acceptable on Your First Meet and Fuck Date?

Our obsession with butts has been with us for ages.

You’ve heard it mentioned in songs (“I like big butts and I cannot lie” ever heard of that song?). You’ve seen celebrities who are well known for their huge assets—think Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna. Lastly, you see people who go under the knife just to enhance their sweet caboose. But did you know that our fascination with butts also goes deeper than the plump behind?

Anal sex, while still highly taboo for some cultures and societies, is actually gaining traction and has become wildly popular. In recent surveys, it is found that 30% of women and 35% of men had anal intercourse in 2013 alone. With all these in mind, one question arises, “Is anal acceptable on your first meet and fuck?” Let’s find out.

Absolutely, Anal sex is perfectly fine!

This answer comes as no surprise. Anal sex is totally okay, especially on your first-ever meet and fuck, and the reason is actually simple. If you find a willing partner who is down to do some backdoor action, then you should DEFINITELY do it!

Showing some butt love may even offer some surprising benefits. For women, you get to hit two spots, the A-spot or the pleasure point between the cervix and the bladder, and the more common G-spot, a part of the clitoral network responsible for the ultimate vaginal orgasm. And suppose you’re both happy in bed. In that case, a well-enjoyed rear play session may promote better sleep, a stronger immune system, boosted libido, and an overall happy mood. Perhaps it’s about time to log in and find a partner who’s DTF in your local fuckbook app or site—and do some nasty rear-end action!

Risks of doing anal

While highly pleasurable, anal sex may have some downsides that come along with it. Before proceeding, make sure to be aware of these risks and know how to avoid them to create a safe and enjoyable play.

Higher risk for bacterial infections

Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t have the cells creating natural lubricant, nor does it contain the mouth’s saliva. Therefore, bottom penetration might be pretty tricky to do. As the rectum’s lining is thinner, the lack of lubrication and thinner tissues may tear due to friction. It is dangerous as stool bacteria may potentially invade these tears.

People with hemorrhoids may experience worsened symptoms.

Hemorrhoids are the areas of blood vessels found inside and outside the rectum that can be caused by numerous factors. While it is treatable and very preventable, it can be unpleasant and painful for most people and can be aggravated by anal sex.

7 Trusty Tips for Optimal Anal Fun

With proper prep and open communication between you and your partner, anal sex can be thoroughly enjoyed! Here are some tips you can follow for a more relaxed and pleasurable butt fucking.

Do it when you really want it, not because you’re forced to.

Sex is best enjoyed when it comes naturally and when everyone feels comfortable about their bodies. Both parties, especially the receiving end, must be on board with the idea before proceeding. Therefore, it would be best if you do it with a trusted person or preferrably a local fuck buddy..

Recognize that anal sex will be different from vaginal sex

Guys must take the time to be more understanding and considerate about their partner’s feelings. Know that anal penetration will require you to have a different approach. It may come off as an unpleasant experience, especially for girls receiving it for the first time.

Prepare and clean

Take a shower, clean your body thoroughly, and don’t forget to DOUCHE your hole. Also, avoid any food that may trigger loose stool days before doing anal.